J M French

DSC09273-001Full name: Jennie French, but after writing my book I almost felt embarrassed at having my name attached to something that was actually published; so I went with my initials.

Previous work at the moment is my one and only book: Altered Instincts, which is available to b
uy on Amazon Kindle and on Smashwords. If you’re interested then click on the links below at  the end of this page.I also enjoy art but all of my work is currently only on display in both my bedroom at home and my room in University Halls. Hopefully this situation will change in the future.

My main occupation at the moment is studying for a degree in Microbiology at the University of Nottingham and into this I try to keep alive some of my hobbies; knitting and chocolate eating being the main ones at the moment. Other things I enjoy are walking and cooking, two things that I have come to rely on heavily since beginning university; cooking for obvious reasons and walking because it gives me and my flatmates a much needed break after a hard days studying. Following a recent ski trip, I have found that I am quite good at skiing and even after sixteen years of doing it I have never admitted this to myself because my dad, Peter, has always been better.

My posts will be a mixture of fictional stories and my own thoughts attached to pictures that I have taken (photography is something else I love) which I hope you enjoy, but a recent book my dad gave me has taught me that I really don’t mind what you think of them as long as they evoke some sort of emotional response.

If you fancy a look at my book, even for a free sample click on either of the links below

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