From Proud Father To a Daughter

The new father stood by the window, quietly cradling his newborn daughter in his arms.
He was speaking softly, like people do in church, even though this was just a quiet corner of a maternity ward. The baby was wrapped in soft blanket and a baby grow that was too large, as all clothes are to newborns, they seemed so small before the birth and then appear so oversized. And all too soon they become tight and restricting as the growth of a new being starts.
If you could have heard then you might have caught some of the words and perhaps understood the aspirations that the father had for his daughter.
And I shall show you as much of the world that I can. And I will show you countries and you will hear different languages and eat food in many places.
And I will watch you learn to crawl, and you will learn to walk and soon after that you will run and as you run you will feel the air on your face and will know that you are real and that life is good.
You will walk in the mountains and swim in the seas. You will ski in the snow and play on the beach. You will be familiar with the extremes and also the middlings.
We will laugh together, cry together, celebrate together and grieve together and you will learn so many more things than I am able to teach you.
You will see sunrises and sunsets over seas that I have never seen, you will learn things that I never knew of. And you will find happiness among the chaos of this world.
And you will know the nature of the world is chaos and that it is possible to plait the strands of chaos together to make the life that you desire. Because such is the nature of life and this world. This world that is yours if only you learn how to accept the gifts that it has to offer.
The little girl snuffled and the tiny hand brushed against her nose and that tiny sound of life was so profound the man had tears in his eyes.
And I will try my best to be there for you for as long as I am able. And I will try not to annoy or embarrass you although that is almost inevitable. Because we are of different eras of this world and neither one can truly understand the path trodden by the inhabitants of the other. So the expectations of the one will never be realised by the other because their roots are set in different soil, in a different orientation and with different nutrients.
And there will be times when the twain shall not meet because the gulf between the eras is as great as the inability to understand that distant viewpoint. And if we are lucky we will agree to disagree and leave it at that.
He seemed to be trying to understand that which is so difficult to grasp about communications between parents and children, and perhaps all adults and children. The eyes of the young are fixed in ways that we have long forgotten and on things that we have not yet seen. The old see a cardboard box where the young see a shop counter or a house for the afternoon. The old see kids making noise and shouting, the young are just having a laugh and letting off steam. Hanging and chillin’.
And if there is a meaning to life then it would be nice for you to glimpse it at some point and see beyond the immediate time and space, rise above that and see the interplay of the elements of the world and know the nature of things.
We speak so often of nature and natural but nature is wild and has a fa├žade that makes a true viewing difficult in the extreme. But I will try and show you how to look at things.
There are now and there will be as there always has been, mysteries in the world. Things that point to humanity and the world around us being more than they appear to be, but there is not enough evidence to prove it. And whatever ‘it’ is, so many minds are closed that there is no point in explaining it to any but a trusted few.
And there are monsters and there are monstrosities and atrocities and things to sadden and sicken the most uplifted of souls. And I will try and show you how to let those thoughts go, even though they plagued me for so long. Even now when the echoes of those malformed thoughts have been excised from my mind, there is the lingering conclusion that remains to haunt me. Without reason or rhyme.
And the man smiled and kissed the baby and hugged her so tenderly that her eyes closed and she was lost to sleep. And with her went the words that laid what seemed to be a foundation of a mind that was so open to learning and understanding.
I wished that I had such words inside me.

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