The Gift Of Fear

We have all been taught for so long that fear is bad. Indeed fear is to be feared. And there is a reason for that but it is a reason bound to humanity by a thread that is different in each of us.

For you see fear is driven by our imaginations. It’s an imagined end that is something that we would not wish for ourselves or others. That very thing inside us that sparks so much good, predicts so easily doom and gloom and despondency. And we listen and we recognise its origin as being within us so we accept it as a valid input to the equation that we create of the world around us.

The hard part for us is that the fear evokes emotion, sadness, anxiety and projections of loss. It is the emotions that we recognise, the pictures and stories of our imaginations may well go on their way un-noticed if the emotions didn’t betray our involvement and our acceptance of the intrusive idea.

Fear is a prediction of just how bad the future could be. We treat it as truth and not as the speculation that it truly is. So we involve our minds and consciousness and cause emotions. And we react, and the reaction becomes well practiced and once we are good at it we become able to do it without trying. We become so good at it that it feels like it has a life of its own. A habit of fear can be learnt at a single event so this is not a hard thing to do. We often call it a phobia. So many people claim phobias of this and that for things that cause a brief ripple in their world, and not that cold sweat, that rigid countenance and trembling hand that belies the true nature of the phobia, triggered by a mere inference.

All the same though. It is possible to to learn to recognise the source of that whole experience as a thought. A thought that was passing through, generated by a moment of down time or just in reaction to some barely connected thing. That thought triggers that fear and we become frightened.

Once you recognise that initial thought for what it is though, just a thought, neither true nor false, generated without malice or intent, in short just a thought.

When you can see the thought as just a thought and the emotions as the result of engaging with the thought, then you can start to learn that there is a message there that we can use.

The gift of fear is the message stripped of its emotions. Raw and wild. The gift of fear is simply this:

Something could happen that is detrimental to the life and longevity of this organism (me or you). This thought has been worked out by extrapolating the worst case scenario in graphic detail. Recognising the emotions stirred by this thought can be useful because they indicate a severity that may make resolving the truth an immediate imperative.

The gift of fear makes us careful and mindful of the upcoming situation. When you are aware of the downward spiral that you could be headed on then you  can increase vigilance and be reminded of the areas of concern.

Giving the gift of fear, carefully and with respect is often the quickest way of making the recipient aware that they need to be on the look out for dangers rather than just be reacting to a series of disasters.

Learning that the fear is emotion that results from thought can help you accept the gift in its initial form, while rejecting the distortion provided by the emotion. You can deal with a situation rationally.

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